What inspires me is nature; when I feel in touch with nature I notice all the shapes, the textures, and the colors surrounding me. It is truly inspiring. This is the first step in my creative process.

I start by finding inspiration, which can truly come from anywhere. I will take pictures of anything that inspires me in terms of shape, of forms, of texture, and store them in my phone. I will then look for a female portrait – indeed those portraits are, in my opinion, the best medium for me to paint my art. 

Once I have chosen the portrait in which I can reflect what I wish to express, I will use an array of digital applications in order to add the texture and the colors that react to what I have in mind. This part of the process is the longest as I need to try multiple combinations of colors and textures before I will be satisfied. However, the work is far from done, in fact that's when "the fun begins”! 

I will print the digitally modified portraits on wood, and then start a more traditional artistic process, using acrylic, collage, aerosol paints and paint stripper in the canvas to work as perfectly as possible with the physical and visual properties of the wood. I then polish my work as much as necessary, often taking a short period of time off, in order to reflect on the work and come back at a later moment with a different vision for my piece. 

Finally, I often go into the forest in order to gather objects such as feather, leaves, wood, and incorporate them in my paintings to add depth and true meaning to my design.

My artistic work is very much rooted in nature and influenced by the essence of it's femininity. My inspiration is therefore a combination of nature's bountiful beauty and my vision of womanhood as reflected in our humanity.